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Cool Parts we Fabricate

Captive Hardware


Microspace modifies a variety of small MS screws to produce captive hardware and captive MS hardware assemblies with lock and threaded flat washers. 0-80, 2-56, 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, and 1/4-20 threads.

Close-Tolerance Lathe Work


Microspace fabricates very intricate aluminum round devices and fixtures.

Complex Aluminum RF Frames


Microspace manufactures very complex, close-tolerance aluminum RF frames, chassis, and antennas, including Mil-Spec plating, finish, hardware installation, and part marking.

MSA Lfrets LED Boards


Microspace manufactures LED back-lighted fret board panels for MSA Steel Guitars.

MSA Pedal Steel Guitars


Microspace manufactures and assembles pedal steel guitars for MSA Pedal Steel Guitars. 

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MSA Steel Guitars

Edge-Lighted Dial Controls


Microspace manufactures a variety of Mil-Spec custom edge-lighted control knobs and dials.

Prototyping to Production

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Full Service Machine Shop

Microspace is a leader in complex precision-machined parts.

Laser Fabrication

Specialty Services and Products


Microscopic Machining and Grinding

  • Microscopic machining demands the building of parts with feature dimensions which typically are equivalent to just the "plus or minus" tolerances of conventional machined parts.  Machining under a microscope often becomes art, in addition to science.
  • Microspace has over the years developed techniques for microscopic milling , grinding, drilling and engraving.


Silkscreening / Painting

Microspace offers Mil-Spec painting, silkscreening, part marking, and stenciling.


Custom Sheet Metal Aluminum Chassis

Microspace can manufacture turn-key complex aluminum chassis, including finish and hardware installation.


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