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Quality Assurance


ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified

"Total Quality from Start to Finish"

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Quality Control

Quality Control at Microspace means total quality from start to finish.

Our focus:

  • 100% OTD and 100% LAR


  • Cage Code - 27175
  • Full certifications are available to meet your stringent contract requirements.
  • DFARS - compliant
  • RoHS - compliant
  • ITAR - compliant
  • EXOSTAR - registered
  • SAP Ariba - registered
  • Texas Small Business
  • Flow-down Quality Codes
  • JobBOSS Shop Management Software

Conflict Minerals

Microspace Instruments, Inc. is aware of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Regulation and Consumer Protection Actin regards to "Conflict Metals".

Currently gold and tin in the form of plated coatings required by certain customer specifications are the only minerals on the list of "Conflict Metals" that are incorporated into our products.

Microspace Instruments, Inc. will only purchase gold and tin plating from suppliers certifying gold and tin sources not to be from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or any of its adjoining countries (Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, Angola, Zambia, Tanzania). 

Microspace Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Policy

Policy Definition
1.   Counterfeit Part  
Parts that jeopardize the performance and reliability of electronic and mechanical assemblies.
Parts  that  are  remarked  to  disguise  parts  differing from  those  offered  by  the  original  part manufacturer.  Defective parts scrapped by the original part manufacturer.  Previously used parts salvaged from scrapped assemblies.

2.   Not a Counterfeit Part
“Refinishing “ parts to support assembly producibility and ensure equipment reliability.

“Upscreening” parts to satisfy customer requirements.

“Uprating”  parts  to  assess  their  capability  to  meet the  performance  requirements  of  the application in which the part is used outside the manufacturer’s specification range.
Supplier Responsibility.

1.    Suppliers  of  hardware components to Microspace Instruments, Inc. are responsible  for  insuring that all packaging and parts supplied have been rigorously checked for altered  markings or
damage.  This would include:
a. Visual inspection of marking for correct and accurate content.
b. Checking  for  evidence  of  physical  alteration,  such  as  resurfacing  or  remarking, etc..  
c. Including copies of production records from the original component manufacturer
d. Checking for evidence of poor storage and handling conditions.
2.    The  supplier  warrants  that  all  items  provided  to Microspace Instruments, Inc.  shall  be  genuine, new and unused unless otherwise specified in writing by the supplier.  
3.    The  supplier  further  accepts  responsibility  for any  financial  loss,  injury,  or  property  damage resulting  directly  or  indirectly  from  material,  components,  or  parts  that  are  not  genuine, original,  and  unused,  or  not  otherwise  suitable  for the  intended  purpose.    This  includes materials that are defective, suspect, or counterfeit; materials that have been provided under false  pretenses;  and  materials  or  items  that  are  materially  altered,  damaged,  deteriorated, degraded, or result in product failure.


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