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About Us
About Us
  • Microspace Instruments, Inc. is a small business, and a Texas corporation.
  • We have been a preferred supplier to high-technology companies since 1966.
  • We distinguish ourselves from our competition by offering microscopic machining and microscopic centerless grinding along with our full range of production services.
  • Microspace often becomes the source of supply when others "no bid" due to a lack of ability to perform difficult or delicate operations.
  • Microspace has twice been recipient of the SBA Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award for Region VIMicrospace not only specializes in precision machining, but also produces a variety of proprietary products.
  • Microspace holds a patent for its Flow Microfilm Camera which is used in geophysical and oceanographic-related industries and educational institutions.
  • Microspace is registered with the Food and Drug Administration for the development of medical devices.